Welcome To The Future of Metavisioning

Enable a new sense of everything you do and its significance in the world today. Reveal who you really are and gain the opportunity to draw on strengths you never knew you had. Allow yourself the chance to challenge the realization of your full potential. Choose the world, workspace and environment you want to live in.

Digital Marketing & Development

Inspirational digital marketing communications and website development for a positive future

Animation & Film

Animation and film production studio creating effective communications for your future

Executive Coaching

What do you want? Who are you really? What are you capable of? Working together to find self evident truths

Narrative Visualisation

Visually capturing the Narrative and memorable messages in all conversations.


We offer a range of consultancy services from Business Consulting to management consulting we have advisors with the expertise to help your business development ...


Metavisioning is a form of consultancy to help you and your team achieve an agile working process and a self-sufficient growth and training programme


If you're interested in our services then call our booking team now. They will be able to help you reserve professionals from our pool of artists, visual minute experts, narrative visualisation consultants or our corporate animation team. If you're after one of our digital agency services or our consultancy and training services then call our team and they can book in a consultation to discuss your project in detail.

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We often say, if you liked the Herland Trilogy then you will love working with us. Using Metavisioning to deliver the future you dream.

Using Metavisioing methods we deliver organisational dreams. Metavisioning methods in Coaching, Training and Consultancy to improve performance through passion and deliver results with gratitude. Delivering experts in the principles of Metavisioning enabling companies to create their own dream cultures.
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Helping Businesses To Dream For a Better Future.

At CreativeConnection we work on the principles of the Future of Consultancy. Offering a range of services to cater for all cultural change and communication needs

Consultancy and training for strategic development and cultural shifts, Film and Animation production for internal and external communication. Digital Marketing Communications and development for an omni channel message delivery. We offer it all so you can create the perfect relationship with us based on your individual metavisioning needs

What are the backgrounds of your consultants ?

How many of your customers reach their goals ?

All our customers reach their goals as we don’t stop until this has been successfully achieved. Metavisioning is a process for clients to determine their own goals and learn the skills for ongoing goal success.

How can we integrate Metavisioning in our existing structure ?

Metavisioning provides a set of self development tools which adapt to all structures. Managers, Teams and individuals lead the process providing a fluidity and sustainability for ongoing success. The process is simple but highly effective.

Our Pricing Plan

Coaching and Consultancy
Daily Packages From
  • Executive Coaching
  • Metavisioning Training
  • Team Building
  • Away Days
  • Consultancy
  • Event Management
  • Agile Process Development
  • Gender equality training
Narrative Visualization
Daily Packages From
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Pitches
  • Rich Pictures
  • Digital Minutes
Digital Marketing
Daily Packages From
  • Website Development
  • Digital / Graphic / Collateral Design
  • Customer Service enhancement
  • SEO & SEM
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing strategy planning
  • Omni channel campaigns
  • Integrated Communications

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