Business Consultancy

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Organisational Consultancy and Culture Change:

In all our work on organisational or community development we use the insights of transformative narrative theory. We start with the biggest possible global historical context. This allows the soul to breathe! It is also the most elegant way to get “out of the box” and into “blue sky”. We use a process called MetaVisioning® asking everyone for the dream they yearn to see, and the dread they feel. This takes you out of a problem solving mindset and opens up unexpected and previously obscured possibility.

In all our work we use visualisation that reveals serendipitous threads and themes, drawing on the right side of the brain.

This approach draws out intuition, imagination, initiative, and what we sometimes call “the skills of magnificence”. [So many institutions inadvertently encourage the skills of mediocrity.]

So let’s talk and figure out how we can work with you and your budget. Tell us your story, outline your dreams. We’ll ask some questions and see where we go from there.

Organisational magnificence?
Executive Team Coaching?
Transformative conferencing?
Away Days and Events?

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Organisational magnificence

In your dreams:

What is the impact you yearn for?
What is the culture you want to inhabit?

Executive team coaching

In your dreams: 

What effect would this dream team have on your attitudes and behaviour?
What is the quality and vitality of your team’s working relationships?

Transformative Conferencing

In your dreams:

What is the effect you wish to see as a result of gathering all the hearts and minds in your conference?

If you knew your participants were all ready for this, how would you engage them in the conference?

Enigmatic Leadership

In your dreams:

What effect do you want on your team and your colleagues?

Recollect a time when you experienced leadership that brought this performance out in you?

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