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Facilitators, coaches, consultants, artists and animators

CreativeConnection is passionate about listening for the story behind the story and its effect on attitudes, behaviour and relationships.

We use this same “transformative narrative” approach when we work on traditional illustration projects, animations, social media campaigns and corporate communications.

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We work on long term engagement and culture change projects, transformative conferences, individual and team coaching, and leadership development.

We always use the power of visualisation to convey ideas and concepts in our work, and have a team of artists, graphic facilitators, and graphic designers who can work in real time with real paint, or virtually and digitally.



you may say we are dreamers

When you have a dream a wonderful dream
that you’re ready and willing to dare
open your eyes and just realise
you’re already there

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Consultant and Coach


Consultant and Coach


Consultant and Coach


Consultant and Coach

Metavisioning for a better future

Metavisioning is at the heart of what we do. We offer a range of services from Coaching, Consulting and Film Production to Digital marketing and Campaign Management all of which would not be as effective without our exclusive Metavisioning processes.