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Facilitators, coaches, organisational consultants, artists and animators

CreativeConnection are a group of freelance Artists, Graphic Designers, Cartoonists, Business Consultants and Video Makers all waiting to visually guide and narrate your story

We offer our clients a range of storytelling services from traditional Illustration services for logo designs, video making and corporate communication to consultancy for all industries specialising in the NHS and Human Resource Management. We also offer Digital Marketing Agency Services for all your Social Media and Digital Marketing needs.

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With a Global Team of Graphic Artists we can cover all events

We have graphic facilitators, artists and graphic designers all over the world ready to work on your project as needed

Our Business Management Consultants are a phone call away to talk about your next NHS or Human Resources Project needs. Ask our team about our Free Business and Digital Marketing Consultations

What are the backgrounds of your consultants ?

How many of your customers reach their goals ?

All our customers reach their goals as we don’t stop until this has been successfully achieved. Metavisioning is a process for clients to determine their own goals and learn the skills for ongoing goal success.

How can we integrate Metavisioning in our existing structure ?

Metavisioning provides a set of self development tools which adapt to all structures. Managers, Teams and individuals lead the process providing a fluidity and sustainability for ongoing success. The process is simple but highly effective.

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Consultant and Coach


Consultant and Coach


Consultant and Coach


Consultant and Coach

Metavisioning for a better future

Metavisioning is at the heart of what we do. We offer a range of services from Coaching, Consulting and Film Production to Digital marketing and Campaign Management all of which would not be as effective without our exclusive Metavisioning processes.