CPNI Integrated Internal Marketing Communications

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CPNI approach CreativeConnection with the challenge of creating a toolkit of communication outputs in which the CPNI sales teams and managers of CPNI clients could utilise to engage with prospective clients and internal staff. The challenge was to replace the current communication tools such as interactive PDFs with targeted communications and internal training strategy. A secondary objective of this project was to engage each audience group and involve the sales team and the clients in the production of the communication material in order to start the cultural change process and help to enhance the message and adaptability of the changes


Delivering core audience engagement in a large event setting. Key deliverables were.
  • Employee interviews and data capture for 4000 people
  • Deeper level interaction with employees
  • Development of communication portfolio
  • Internal Marketing Communications across the organisation
  • Delivering a complicated message across departments
  • Deliver a personalised communication strategy


For a period of 4 months, the CC auditing and coaching team worked with segment groups from varying client sectors. Group sessions were delivered in various ways to fit in with the session objectives and the session audience. The research was also conducted within the sales team to determine the current sales tools being utilised and establish the gaps and needs of the sales team. Workshops, Focus groups and One to one interviews were conducted over a period of 3 weeks to gain enough information to enable the strategic planning stage of the project. All sessions were recorded using Visual Auditing techniques and the information was analysed to enable strategic decision to be made. A strategy was developed around the best tools to fit each client segment and the final outputs were then created.


5 facilitated workshops/ 10 focus group sessions / 10 One to One interviews, 6 core animations, 12 secondary target specific animations, 6 Rich Pictures, 6 visual interactive case studies and 6 hosted training modules. The tools were a great success with sales conversions increasing from 15% to 68% and utilisation of the internal communication tools and training modules increased from 5% engagement to 89% engagement (tracked via click-through per staff member). Subsequent communication projects with similar results were delivered across other departments and sales teams within CPNI as a result of this initial project.



Consultancy, Training, Coaching, Marketing, Video


4 months