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The Kings Fund Alternative Guide to the NHS animation was created to showcase the process of the NHS and was proposed as an alternative guide to the NHS showcasing the enormity of the organisation but also the complexity and both positive and negative aspects of this. The animation was launched via Youtube and Vimeo, promoted via Social Media networks of The Kings Fund and on The Kings Fund Website. The Style chosen is a Rich Picture style of animation as the client wanted an animation and Rich picture output as part of the project deliverables. A PDF copy of the final image was provided including sections of image. The output was deliberately not perfect in finish, to represent the status of the NHS but also to move away from the typical clinical animation styles used to communicate to this audience group.


1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem every year. The experience is different for everyone, and so is the type of support they will need. We worked with The Kings Fund to produce an animation to coincide with World Mental Health Day on Saturday 10 October 2015. The aim of the animation was to provide information on the types of mental health services that are available and how they fit in with other health and public services. The animation has been released as part of the ‘Alternative Guides’ series which also feature An Alternative Guide to the New NHS in England and An Alternative Guide to Urgent and Emergency Care.


We produced a series of 3 animations which spanned over a 5 year period showcasing the development and changes impacting the NHS and mental health. Each animation was promoted and specific to viral and social media reach.


The animation provides an outline of three different experiences of mental health, with the help of three experts by experience and advice from a mental health nurse and a senior colleague from a mental health charity. Whilst the three characters experiences will not reflect those of all mental health service users, the animation aims to demonstrate the range of services available, but also highlight some of the issues that need to be addressed. Unlike the previous two animations, the style here is very different. A more collaborative and creative method was used in order to tell the three stories in a more emotive and relatable way. Each story is illustrated by a different artist, to emphasise how each person’s experience of mental health is different. The final Rich Picture illustrates how all health and care services need to be designed with mental health in mind, and all health professionals have a part to play helping people get the right support at the right time. With the animation having already received over 6k views on The Kings Fund networks, it is set to be another hugely successful campaign, alongside the other two in the series. Influential people such as Alastair Campbell are among those supporting this campaign through sharing the video on Twitter, as well numerous health authorities and NHS trusts.  

The Kings Fund


Video, Marketing, Digital


5 months


£25000 to £35000