Who are we?

Visual facilitators offering graphic facilitation and visual scribing in the UK

CreativeConnection is a communication and graphic facilitation agency that is made up of artists, visual facilitators, coaches, animators, producers, trainers and consultants. Some of our core strengths include visual scribing and graphic facilitation and these are infused into everything we do with a focus on 'Transformative Narrative'. The Key to our success is our ability to listen, record and then visualise.

Some of the key services our visual facilitators offer include; Animations, Visual Minutes, Graphic Facilitation, Consultancy, Training and Away Days. Visual communication is a proven way of enhancing business communication and our creative thinking and visual scribing course can help you achieve this.

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CreativeConnection Philosophy

We believe story is the sole source of creativity, conflict, imagination, change and engagement. Since 1984 CreativeConnection has worked to close the gap between the story (narrative) you tell about what you are doing, with the story you aspire to achieve.

We reveal how you can close the gap between your current reality and your future desires. As part of the graphic facilitation process:

• We love to listen. Listen for your unease - for your yearning - for how it is for you - for your story.

• We love to explore the story. By ‘Story’ we mean the fundamental understanding of reality the invisible set of assumptions, images and beliefs that create the core of your organisation, teams and ourselves. That informs everything we feel, think and do. As humans we are usually unconscious of this. It is simply our reality. But learning to understand and work with this concept is a way towards finding essence or coherence in complex systems.

• We love effortlessness. The most revealing clue to authentic change is that it is essentially effortless. Effort tends to create effects contrary to your aims. If it’s hard work it’s just not designed right… effortlessness is not easy… it takes concentration and deliberate perception… it tends to change you even more than what you are trying to change

• We to love to be curious. Curiosity kills the CAT [Corporate Apathetic Tendency]. We love curiosity and curious people who encourage questions rather than provide answers, stimulate confusion rather than certainty, challenge the validity of dearly held beliefs. This is

uncomfortable and refreshing, like a cold shower, and it can flush out some cobwebs and elephants in the room. Curiosity is the most powerful way for people to develop new skills, new knowledge and new attitudes.

• We love complexity. We are fascinated by the way humans make sense out of complexity. The way we relate to the infinite immensity we live in. Even the smallest situations have unchartable complex systems operating in them colliding, coinciding and challenging us to make sense out of them. The way we make mountains out of molehills, how one idea leads to another like a fractal, how our interpretation depends on the context, the language we are thinking in. There are so many dots to join and so many ways to join them.

• We love to dream... We have a dream of the dawning of the age of Trust, Integrity, Courage, and Collaborative Creativity. Interestingly this is not in conflict with commercial values because in a jaded world people are flocking to organisations they can trust and believe in. Commercial success will correlate with a new narrative of integrity. We are dreamers but we are definitely not the only ones… we are finding more and more people who are already proving this dream.

We hope some day you’ll join us

Who we are...

CreativeConnection are a group of Artists, Animators, Illustrators, Visual Facilitators, Consultants, Project Managers and a brilliant administration support team working towards the core goal of graphic facilitation and visualising the communication process.

What makes us unique and a first choice for many organisations is:

• All our artists are bilingual.

• We can work in any location and as we have such a large team of artist, animators and visual facilitators who offer visual scribing and graphic facilitation we can deliver a team with 1 days notice if needed as well as easily cover multiple event venues on the same day.

• Due to the large number of people working with CC we can also deliver projects much quicker and still maintain the high quality standards we set for our services.

• We work with people and companies from all different backgrounds and sectors and with over 20 years experience our teams have a strong understanding of various sector concepts and disciplines.

We love...

• We love ideas in any size and shape and welcome all projects which come our way.

• We love to support local communities / charities and children’s foundations and organisations working specifically to improve lives of children and to infuse creativity into children’s lives.

• We love to have fun, we believe in honest open working relationships with all our clients, flexibility in our offering to clients in both delivery and budget and we aim to get our clients involved in as much of the creative process as they will allow!


In short – we laugh, live, draw, paint, dance, sing and love what we do!

How to Book CC Services

Call our Booking Team on +44 7827013191 Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm GMT
E-mail our International Booking Team via info@creativeconnection.co.uk
Chat to one of our Booking Team today via Skype name Creativeconnec

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