What is Liaison Psychiatry?

Project Background:

Liaison psychiatry bridges the gap between physical and mental healthcare. It is way of approaching medicine that takes into account the mental fall-out of physical illness as well as the physical cost of mental illness. Liaison Psychiatrists work to treat the whole person as a single unit, rather than just the body or the mind. The aim is to improve patient experience, quality and efficiency of service in the general hospitals by focusing on the significant number of patients that have mental health problems complicating their care and discharge.

The Result:

When Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust asked us to help them spread the word about Liaison Psychiatry, we decided to enlist the help of the professionals and patients who know the benefits first hand. Their stories and passion were truly inspiring so rather than write a script, we decided to create an animation to fit their words.

The animation formed a rich picture at the end to summarise all of the information and provide a beautiful final image that could be used online and hung up in the Liaison Psychiatry department.The style was colourful yet very clean, making the animation very easy to follow. Not much text was used alongside the images which again helps the viewer follow the voice over more easily.

The animation was produced in 2014 and has received over 5k views, has been shown in a number of presentations and is consistently shared on social media channels. Due its success and popularity, CreativeConnection have been commissioned again for another project which will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for another amazing animation for CNWL NHS Trust.

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Do you think the animation delivers on its promise to spread the word on Liaison Psychiatry and explain what it is? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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