Top 6 CreativeConnection animations to watch this autumn!

It’s been such a busy summer here at CreativeConnection! While we’ve been hard at work developing new tools and services, we’ve also been busy producing new animations.

Top 6 CreativeConnection animations

Here’s a roundup of the top 6 of our newest animations to get you into gear for the autumn. We’ve been working on some new animation styles, from claymation to mixed media to silhouette paper puppets and more. Take a look!

Working together to prevent maternal mortality – Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

We worked with The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow to create an animation based on their Preventing Maternal Deaths project, a collaborative effort with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. While maternal mortality rates from direct causes dropped significantly during the 20th century, there is still a need to reduce the mortality rate even further by tackling the indirect causes.

In ‘It’s better to ask: working together to prevent maternal mortality’, our team used a variety of colour schemes to direct the narrative of each story. Silhouetted stop-motion puppets were animated to effectively illustrate the stories of pregnant women suffering from health problems. The figures in shadow convey the universality of these stories and at the end, each one is peeled away to reveal the ‘real’ people behind the stories and how personal these stories can be.

The animation is being shown to doctors across the UK and they are encouraged to share it with other health professionals. It is hosted on the website of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. We also created a poster that has been distributed across the UK to all A&E departments and medical assessment units.

The Team

Project Manager and Editor: Zoe Darnell

Artist and Animator: Gill Ha

Scriptwriters: Dann Casswell and Natalie Immonen

Not Seen, Not Heard – CQC

The Care Quality Commission approached CreativeConnection to produce an animation that summarises their report ‘Not Seen, Not Heard’ on the level of health and social care that looked after children in England were receiving. The report found that these services were failing to adequately provide quality care for these children while also finding examples of innovation and outstanding care.

For the animation, CQC wanted to portray the types of situations young people can find themselves in, being moved from foster home to foster home, and not feeling in control of their own lives. We found the best way to convey this was through a single fictional character, Brooke. Brooke tells her frustrations living in the care system and the changes that could be made to give young people a positive experience if the right services were provided.

The animation uses a mixed media approach to bring more dimension to the video, using photographs and different materials, as well as editing techniques such as stop motion to bring to life the animation, and the character, Brooke.

The first half of the animation focuses on types of situations that looked after children experience and the frustration and fear that often accompanies those experiences. The colour palette of blues and purples represents the frustration and sadness in the first half of the animation as it focuses on the emotions that looked after children experience in different types of situations. As the story moves onto the ways in which health services can help looked after children, the colour palette changes to warmer tones to reflect the more positive feelings.

The Team

Project Manager: Holly Willmott

Animator: Alexandra Becker

Editor and Scriptwriter: Dann Casswell

The Great British Bake Off CBBC Rap Battle

We worked with the CBBC on a number of animations for their Rap Battle series. These animations needed to be fast-paced and humorous to match the lighthearted and fun tone of the rap battles.

Our team chose a claymation style to bring to life Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, the star presenters of The Great British Bake Off.

Claymation allows for an emphasis on expressions and characteristic features such as Paul Hollywood’s blue eyes and silver hair. The facial expressions played an important role in creating the humour in this animation, making it playful, appealing to both young and older generations. Paul Hollywood’s introduction in front of the Hollywood sign, winking, for example, really reflects Paul Hollywood’s character on GBBO.

The animation is filmed using stop motion. We built the figures and different sets for each scene. This process is very time consuming as the models need to be moved the smallest amount and photographed each time to make the movements flow and appear natural. The effect works excellently, and particularly for this theme with the cakes and breads throughout.

The Team:

Project Manager: Holly Willmott

Artist and Animator: Caroline Rudge

Editor: Dann Casswell

Portsmouth Hospital

We produced an animation for Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHT) that helps explain their five year strategy and vision for ‘Best Hospital. Best People. Best Care’

In order to portray the importance of their staff, CreativeConnection worked together with Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust to create voice overs by interviewing their staff. These staff interviews demonstrate their passion and drive in achieving the best for their patients and continuing the award winning reputation of PHT. The interviews were then edited down to create an engaging script and voice over for the animation. A main narrator was used to tell the story and provide the key information throughout the animation. This acts as a contrast and makes the interviews stand out, providing a more genuine feeling to the animation.

A mixed media style was used for this animation, incorporating collage and watercolour and utilising different editing techniques such as stop motion. Portraits of the staff who were interviewed provide a very personal and relatable feel to the animation, allowing the viewers to fully imagine and picture who is speaking to them.

A rich picture was created in addition to the animation that provides longevity and flexibility to the animation. This gives an overview of the animation in simplistic imagery that can be used on its own where it can be printed or hosted online allowing viewers to be engaged in its content such as in hospital staff rooms or in meetings and conferences where video content is not accessible.


Project Manager and Editor: Jess Harvey

Artist and Animator: Blanche Ellis

Scriptwriters: Grace Dugdale, Isolde Godfrey, and Temujen Gunawardena

Team Swindon

Swindon CCG worked with the CreativeConnection team to develop the analogy of a car to represent the new patient journey focused on prevention support. This features throughout the animation and is used as the ‘character’ to follow.

The movement of the car was created using stop motion and the pages were moved by hand to represent the journey, or path, the patient takes. A mixture of hand drawing and placements are used alongside these movements to create a more dynamic feel to the animation that does not detract from the message being spoken.

The end of the animation forms a rich picture which is available for download for staff and patients on the Swindon CCG website.


Project Managers and Editors: Isolde Godfrey and Seemab Gull

Artists: Blanche Ellis and Temujen Gunawardena

Script writer: Grace Dugdale

England vs Wales: CBBC Rap Battle

This is a fun animation released by the CBBC during Euro 2016 that shows the rivalry between England and Wales. CBBC had designated a whole section on their website for Euro 2016 for their young football enthusiasts.

The animation tells the story of the Red Welsh Dragon and the Lion of England and the two creatures battle it out through a rap trying to out do one another naming their cultural and athletic accomplishments from the 1960s up to today.

The technique used was stop motion animation with 2D drawings. The bouncing football travels across the screen and drives the narrative forward, carrying out the beat of the rap song. Each background image was a separate element, so hundreds of drawings were placed in and out of the camera shot and were moved slowly by hand.

We shared the animation on our Facebook page just in time for the England vs Wales match on 16 June and since then the post has received over 5.5k views. Wow!


Project Manager: Holly Willmott

Artists: Gill Ha and Sarah Burgess

Editor: Dann Casswell

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