CreativeConnection does Movember

What is Movember?

The Movember Foundation is a global charity set up in 2003 committed to men living happier, healthier and longer lives. Since its beginnings, the charity has raised £402 million and funded over 1,000 programmes focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. Some of its funding programmes include Prostate Cancer UK, The institute of Cancer Research and The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement.

Since its humble beginnings, the Movember Foundation has grown massively, turning into a mainstream, global event every year in November. It is one that both men and women proudly support by growing a moustache, or for some, drawing it on, sticking it on or using whatever hair you have to pose a moustache!

What does the Movember Foundation support?

Movember isn’t just about balls! There are four main areas of mens health that the Movember Foundation support, Prostate Cancer, Testicualr Cancer, Mental health and Physical Inactivity, all of which affect men only or more than women. The statistics below are shocking, particularly when it comes to men’s mental health, something that we have discussed previously on this blog and how it affects many lives in the CreativeConnection team.

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK. In fact, about 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Older men, men with a family history of prostate cancer and Black men are more at risk. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men worldwide, with more than 1.1 million cases recorded in 2012. Even when successful, treatment can take a toll on the physical and mental health of those affected. Find out more about what the Movember Foundation are doing to support Prostate Cancer.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 25-49. Each year in the UK, around 2,100 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer and incidence rates are increasing worldwide in white men.In most cases (better than 95%), a diagnosis of testicular cancer means established treatments and a good outcome. Find out more about what the Movember Foundation are doing to support Testicular Cancer.

On average, 13 men each day take their life by suicide in the UK. More than 55,000 people end their own lives in the European Union each year, globally, that one man every minute. In England, that figure is 4,722 – that’s one death every two hours – and at least 10 times that number attempt suicide. Around 78% of suicides are men and in almost all cultures, the suicide rate rises with age. The highest rates of suicide in the UK are among people aged 45 to 49 years and it remains a common cause of death in men aged 40 to 44 with 26.9 deaths per 100,000 people. Men, regardless of age group, often don’t recognise when they’re experiencing a mental health issue, and may not be comfortable asking for help. The uncomfortable truth is that some stereotypical forms of masculinity are killing men, which is why the Movember Foundation support Mens Mental Health.

Finally, around 41% of men in high-income countries don’t exercise enough. Physical inactivity is important when considering men’s health. It’s the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality, causing 3.2 million deaths globally per year. Research is telling us that not enough people are participating in regular physical activity; with many in the western world sitting for more than half of their waking hours. Find out what you can do to support the Movember Foundation in helping to get men more active.

Why are we supporting Movember?

Somewhat unusually, the majority of CreativeConnection is made up of women. So why have we decided to support this cause? Because we all have men in our lives that support us, love us and care for us and we want to show our support to these, and all men and get involved in raising awareness for all of these important causes. As i mentioned earlier, some of us know all to well the effects of poor mental health and I’m sure many of us know someone who has been afflicted with prostate cancer or testicular cancer.

As we all know, men don’t always like talking about their feelings, or even visiting the doctors, so it is important to help raise awareness of these conditions and support our men to talk more and go to the doctors if they feel something unusual. This can literally be the difference between life and death and with the help and support of not just friends and family but worldwide, men will hopefully feel more inclined and more comfortable seeking help when needed.

What are doing to support Movember?

We’re putting our creative skills to good use and posting 30 illustrated moustaches on our Instagram and Twitter pages for the whole of November. Make sure you keep and eye out for our daily posts and show your support for Movember by liking and sharing!

Secondly, we want something from you! We want you to print out our Rainmo PDF, cut out your favourite ‘rainmo’, post a photo on social media and tag us in it. Or you can create your own rainmo if your feeling creative! We’ll make a donation for every photo we’re tagged in. Make sure you use the #rainmo, #creativeconnection and #movember so we can find your photos.

You can make a donation my heading over to our Movember page here and keep checking back for more photos and updates from the CreativeConnection team.

To get you in the spirit, here’s a short film we produced with the help of everyone at Pithay studios in Bristol, sporting their rainmo’s and supporting Movember.


Your Thoughts:

What will you be doing to support Movember this year and why will you be supporting it? Tell if you’ll be printing out your Rainmo and taking part with us!

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