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Thomson Reuters Graduate Training Away Day Case study

Background: Thomson Reuters (TR) approached CreativeConneciton (CC) to create an away day activity that would train their graduate team to communicate using graphic facilitation and visuals as well as train each team to present visualised content. The challenge was that the graduates were all financial students who had recently completed their Financial Degrees. This group were the best in their class in terms of financial knowledge but when it came to creative thinking and drawing this was not an area the team felt confident with.

The Task: To take a group of Finance Graduates and turn them into Visual Strategists and Creative Thinkers.

The CC Solution: CC created a plan for the 2 day away day activities which allowed the group to progress through the basic stages of creative thinking. Providing intensive training in visual thinking at the start of the day allowed for the ‘creative barriers’ within this group to be removed. Each member of the team could see the logical thought process outlined by the CC training team and through this discipline were able to produce visual images and graphics which told their strategic story. Once the basic elements of creative thinking were introduced and the group felt more relaxed around the subject area, then came the hard work. We challenged each group to partake in an activity which would test their creative abilities and stretch their strategic thinking capabilities as well as improve their presentation skills. Each group was assigned a mentor to work with them in terms of ‘creative output, strategic thinking and skills in presenting. Each problem was associated to TR’s strategic needs allowing the group to learn about TR at the same time. As part of the training the work was also presented to management within TR on the second day.

The results: The outputs were fantastic, although a ‘tough crowed’ to start with, these future Finance Directors were extremely creative and capable of taking on the challenge of visual communication. The core success factor for the CC training team was the fact that the groups really enjoyed the day(s) and felt that what they had learned was beneficial to their day to day tasks. It allowed them a new way of thinking and looking at their work as well as the ability to be more creative in a very typically non creative discipline and environment. In terms of the outputs we think the follow pictures speak for themselves:

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Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters

TR Away day

Why it was perfect Away Day for Thomson Reuters Graduates:

The location, activities and supporting materials were all executed in a style which represented the values and the nature of Thomson Reuters as a business. The professional skills being taught and learned were one aspect of the day’s success. The content the groups had to discuss and the activities and workshops undertaken by the group were all in accordance with the needs and ‘comfort zone’ area of the individuals (although the creative elements pushed the group’s level of skills further). This was not an Away Day for team building or fun, it was a series of days for building knowledge about Thomson Reuters and working in the environment of Thomson Reuters. A day to learn and understand the value of Thomson Reuters as a company and allow individuals to impress their peers with their ability to listen, feedback and present.  An Away Day is an Internal Marketing exercises and should be treated as such, with a clear audience, clear objectives and a clear return on investment.  In this case were proud to be part of such a great event and we are happy that we achieved what the audience needed and organisation needed.