Placeshapers Animation

The PlaceShaper animations were created to engage two different audiences. One was the PlaceShapers corporate market (Members, partners and stakeholders within the business) as well as media and Government stakeholders.

The other target group were users of the PlaceShapers services and PlaceShapers wanted to showcase the positive case studies of those who had experienced their services and thrived.

The style chosen was a hand drawn approach offering a unique and fresh style within PlaceShapers communication portfolio. The effect of this style was that it allowed users to really connect and engage with the communication message. The message was of a deep personal level and so a more delicate creative style was needed instead of a digital style.

The results showcased the decision to use a new approach paid off. The animation was received very well with consistent praise from partners and stakeholders. The animation was also used by partners and associated organisations as a presentation tool which increased the range of coverage. The corporate target group took ownership of the animation which was exactly the response we had hoped for. It also did very well within the government sectors, another target we were keen to engage with for PlaceShapers. From a Social Media perspective both versions did well with over 5000 tweets within the first week of launch.

‘The PlaceShapers animations have gone down very well and there has been much praise and appreciation for CreativeConnection. They were launched at the CIH conference and have been tweeted 5000 times. Even the Housing Minster tweeted them!

Joanna Charlton, Group communications manager, Placeshapers