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The Medical Research Council (MRC) approached CreativeConnection to provide a video based communication to explain the grant decision making peer review process that would help increase transparency and help researchers understand the process. A simple slide based animation was used that takes the viewer through the step by step process of peer review. Simplistic images and headings in bright colours helped the message appear clearer and more concise, breaking down the information into smaller and more understandable sections. A combination on hand drawn images and placements of images were used to give a diverse range of movement, mixed with digital elements to give a more dynamic feel. This style allowed the MRC to utilise individual images (Visual Stills) from the video to use across other communication outputs such as the website and social media, to represent each of the stages of the process and visually represent the steps. They are used throughout the peer review section of the website to direct users to specific areas, and a more detailed blog post was written to breakdown the steps using the images as focus points. This project shows the varying ways of utilising different elements from an animation, showing greater ROI and greater engagement with the audience group.


The results have been excellent in meeting the objectives of simplifying and remaining transparent in the peer review process to MRC researchers. It has gone beyond the initial brief in that the images from the animation are used across the website and social channels, bringing the whole campaign together. The video has been viewed over 1.5k times and remains a key tool in communicating the process to the audience group through its strong presence on the MRC website and social channels.


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