Coastal West Sussex CCG

Coastal West Sussex CCG

Project Background:

Coastal West Sussex CCG (CWS CCG) are a clinically-led statutory NHS body, responsible for the planning and commissioning of health care services for West Sussex. They are responsible for the health of the entire West Sussex population (about 482,100 people), and are measured by how much they improve health outcomes. Coastal West Sussex CCG are responsible for about 60% of the local NHS budget and commission local health services including mental health care, urgent and emergency care, elective hospital services, and community care.

Coastal West Sussex have a vision for the future of their local NHS which includes improving integrated care. This is an important area which is currently failing its patients. In the run up to 2017, CWS CCG will focus on integrated community care with GP services and transforming urgent care. The animation describes and visualises CWS CCG’s priorities for the coming years.

As part of the ongoing project, Coastal West Sussex CCG (CWS CCG) also commissioned CreativeConnection to produce an animation that explains the high quality stroke care that CWS CCG want for their patients. The Stroke Services in Sussex animation explains and outlines what it means to people who have a stroke and talks about how they can provide the best service to them to aid in the best recovery.

The Result:

The animation had a broad audience group of both partners, staff, and patients, which meant the script needed to appeal to both professionals and laymen. A hand drawn style was chosen for the animation which has been proven to generate greater engagement and a deeper emotional level than a digital style, particularly within this sector. The film is colourful yet clean and fresh in appearance, and reflected the Sussex countryside throughout, appealing to the target audience.

The Stroke animation took a slightly cleaner approach and used a case study for the script and voice of a patient who has been through the process. This helps to give a more emotional touch that is relatable to potential and existing patients. This helps engage the audience more and means they are more likely to watch to the end of the video.


Media Pack:

The animation now features on the CWS CCG website homepage, alongside the second animation we produced on Stroke Services in Sussex, offering this important information to anyone visiting the website. As part of their new focus on integrated care, the animation was also shown at the annual AGM where it was received very well by the audience, helping to communicate the message more effectively and in a more engaging way.

The target audience of these animation was both the general public and NHS staff so the videos were be launched across all of the CWS CCG social channels and website in order to reach the greatest audience. In order to make the campaign successful, CreativeConnection produced a series of short animations to be used to drive traffic to the main animation. These 15 second, simple clips will be used on Instagram and Twitter, enabling a greater reach to the target audience and driving further traffic to the full animations. They also provide extra collateral that can be used as part of the long term campaign and work well as informative animations in themselves.

Both animations were produced in Rich Picture format, providing a third element to the animation which can be used to download, print out and display in meetings and presentations. They provide an illustrated breakdown of the information within the animation acting as a useful and engaging communication tool where a video is not available. They work excellently when used online and can be emailed out to the community and staff as a way of reminding them of the processes explained in the video. The rich picture is particularly useful for the Stroke animation as it outline the different steps needed to be taken when someone is having a stroke. For example this could be printed and sent to the West Sussex area as a communication tool to help detect strokes earlier. The flexibility this brings to the animation means that no target audience is missed out, particularly when targeting a wide range of age groups.

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