CreativeConnection ran a Vision Express session with the CBRE GCS Workplace Strategies Leadership Team. The purpose was two-fold:

  • to support development of the Leadership Team;
  • to prepare it for a Workplace Strategies Away Day.

A Vision Express session is a two-hour session where four or more CreativeConnection artists facilitate and visualise a conversation. Essentials are quickly extracted from the conversation and the session sets the team up to create the change they want to see the next day. Although the session can be followed with further developmental sessions, it is designed to stand alone.
In the CBRE session the questions we asked were:
1. What’s the story? [The complex global and historical context within which CBRE and GCS operates.]
2. Who are we and what do we do, within this complex context? [Role and function.]
3. What does good (or great) looks like? [Vision, aspiration and ambition for the whole division, and within it the leadership team.]
4. What are we good at? [Strengths in structure, strategy, and story, in the division and the leadership team.]
5. Areas of concern to be addressed? [Any unease about operations and leadership team role and function.]
6. What skills and insights do we need to engage in the pursuit of good/great?
7. How can we sustain the difference in ourselves that will make the difference in the division?
8. What does this mean for how we see and prepare for the upcoming Away Day?

“Tim Casswell and team really helped us to explore our own team’s full potential and vision through a facilitated and visualised session. It’s a unique and valuable experience to work with Tim’s insightful ear, eye and drawing hand!”

Tim Allen, Head of Workplace Strategy EMEA, CBRE.