A fertile environment for higher education

by Giovanna Coppola

Raif Badawi illustration by CreativeConnection

Dementia Awareness Week 2016

by Giovanna Coppola

What is the EU’s effect on our lives in the UK?

by CreativeConnection

Increase women in senior leader positions!

28th April 2016

Key insights as to why women are not getting to the top of industry

28th April 2016

Happy Earth Day 2016!!!

by CreativeConnection

Regional Back Pain Programme Animation

Regional Back Pain Programme Animation

Natural Forms in Art

by CreativeConnection

Graphic Facilitation in Schools

by Fede Ciotti

CreativeConnection and Graphic Facilitation at the ICLEI seminar on designing towards a low-carbon future

Top tips for filming a hand drawn animation

by Jess Harvey

CreativeConnection worked with an Oxford University academic Anthony Ellis to create these beautiful stop-frame cut out animations to illustrate two of the stories from The Histories of Herodotus

The Histories of Herodotus

CreativeConnection creates animation for the BBC Radio 4 The Listening Project for CBBC

BBC Radio 4 The Listening Project for CBBC

Smarter ways to use colour in your illustrations

by Caroline Rudge

2015 Highlights – Top 10 Animations

by CreativeConnection

Social books : Bringing Graphic Facilitation to schools

17th December 2015

CreativeConnection creates an animation for Older People’s Services and Workforce Interventions atBangor University

Bangor University OPSWISE

Anatomy in Drawing

by Blanche Ellis

CreativeConnection Conversation – The story we would like to tell

7th December 2015

Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat

8th December 2015

How to Create a Storyboard

by Ada Jusic

CreativeConnection creates an amazing set of animations for #antibullyingweek on CBBC

CBBC Anti-Bulliying Week

Top 4 ways small budget companies can get big results from their events

by Holly Willmott

CreativeConnection creates six animations for the Children's Commissioner

Children’s Commissioner Animations

Top 8 Things you need to consider when planning your Away Day

by Holly Willmott

CreativeConnection does Movember

CreativeConnection does Movember

Top 10 things you need today for event success

by Holly Willmott

CreativeConnection animatation about perinatal mental healthfor the West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Perinatal Mental Health Animation

International Day of the Girl

by Lara Popovic

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Animation by CreativeConnection

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Animation

Time to look at Mental Health in a different way

by Jessica Fitzroy

CreativeConnection creates an animation for the Kings Fund about mental health

An Alternative Guide to Mental Health Care in England

What is Discourse Analysis?

by Beatrice Baumgartner-Cohen

Complex Change

by Jennifer LaTrobe

What are Creative Away Days?

by Lara Popovic

CreativeConnection animation about part-time students for Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University Animation

Visual Minutes and Graphic Facilitation CreativeConnection

What is Conceptual Thinking?

by Arianna Corradi

19 Top tips for working from home

by Holly Willmott

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